Neon Sign - Meh - Reclaimed Wood and Aluminum


Hipsters have homes too ... why not treat your favorite cool kid to this classic ode to ennui, the "MEH" neon sign?

This sign features:

~ Reclaimed wood and aluminum substrate which measures 27" around and sits 4"off the wall if measured from the wall to the outside edge of the neon tube.
~ The word "meh" in outlined stroke creampuff font in any color your little heart desires.
~ A built-in dimmer and toggle switch.
~ D-ring on the back for easy hanging.
~ 6' of cloth covered cord

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: I'm happy to put one of these together for you as well! Just message me and we'll go over the additional costs for things like power convertors, plug adapters, and alternate transformers.

If you have a sign of any sort you'd like made, please do let me know. I love making them and would be happy to put one together just for you.

Cheers :: mcp


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